Herbaldom kratom vendor

By | November 8, 2020


Herbaldom is a small vendor in the kratom industry growing day by day. The vendor says that he is passionate to provide its users what they exactly want and will never misguide a single customer. Many vendors out there in the market boast of their products just to make money and get fame but this vendor wants to change this trick and works on transparency and quality. He says that you will get inside what is written outside. 

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Quality and transparency

All the products by Herbaldom are labelled properly which shows their transparency and loyalty. They are focused on quality and complete satisfaction of the customers. To explain their transparency the vendor has used the word ‘bullshit marketing hype’ which means that most vendors use the words like Premium or Super which is a marketing stunt just to attract people but this vendor is transparent and does not use words like these. 

For quality assurance they follow the following steps;

Metal detection

First of all the raw kratom is checked for metal particles with the help of a metal detector and the products which have metals are kept aside.

Lab testing

All the products are lab tested for heavy metals and Microbiologicals. Products which do not meet their high quality standards are discarded as in 2018-2019 they discarded 2 tons of the kratom for not meeting their quality measures.

Group testing programme

For batch testing they use a group testing programme, in this programme they send products to the group of their loyal customers and get their feedback about the product.

After all these steps the products which meet their standards are sent to the store and other products with low ratings are discarded or sent to the store for discounted ones.

What do they sell?

Having a limited but unique range of strains and products the vendor offers powders, extracts and blends. The products and their prices are mentioned below;

  • Dark Red Bali $7.50-$70
  • Dark Red Borneo $7.50-$30
  • Gold Bali $7.50-$79
  • Gold Dragon $7.50-$30
  • Green Dragon $7.50-$30
  • Green Horn $7.50-$25
  • Green Hulu Kapuas $30
  • Pink Bali $7.50-$30
  • Red Bali $7.50-$79
  • Red Dragon $7.50-$30
  • Yellow Bali $7.50-$79
  • Yellow Dragon $7.50-$30
  • Stem and vein $4-$30
  • Split kilo $99
  • Full spectrum blend $7.50-$30
  • Black Diamond Extract $39-$99

Shipping and delivery

Shipments are done through USPS and the days of operation are from Mon-Sat. All the orders are shipped usually the next business day. First Class mail is not currently available, Priority mail takes 2-3 business days for delivery while Express mail takes 1-2 business days. They also ship internationally within the countries where the Kratom is legal. You will also get a tracking number for your shipment and if you are ordering from outside of the USA then you will not get a tracking number.

Return and payment methods

The product which is not satisfactory for someone can be returned within 14 days of receipt. The product must be in its original form. No leaking, damaged, opened or mis labelled product will be returned or exchanged. Returns from other countries cannot be done. Payments are done through , mailed in payments, Bitcoin, & eChecks.


  • Quality assured
  • High quality standards
  • Lab tested
  • Group tested
  • Batch to batch tested
  • No false labelling
  • Everything is well explained on website


  • Limited range of strains
  • Prices are not low
  • Shipments are not done the same day
  • Limited payment methods